Certified Monitoring and Evaluation Professionals Training Zambia (13th  to 15th June 2024)

Vantage Africa School of Leadership will be conducting a Certified Monitoring and Evaluation Training in Lusaka Zambia. This comprehensive training program is designed to equip participants with the essential skills and knowledge in monitoring and evaluation practices.
After the training, trainees will receive a 3 months post training support to achieve their objectives, whether designing an M&E System for your organization, opening a consulting firm and getting a job in the M&E field

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Unlock Your Potential through Certified M&E Professionals Training

Studying a Monitoring and Evaluation course equips you with essential skills for planning, implementing, and evaluating development projects

Share with us why you want to take this course and will provide step by step guidance to ensure you achieve your dreams.

Tell us how you plan to use your NEW M&E skills so we can support you better

We want to ensure that whatever your objective for taking this course is, you ACTUALLY achieve it. We will walk the journey with you until you achieve your goals. To help us better understand your objectives, please select one item below and click “next”. We will then ask a few questions that will help us provide you with maximum support. You can always reach out to me on bkiarie@vantageafricaleaders.com should you get stuck.

Key Topics Covered in M&E Training

Day 1

  1. M&E Demystified
  2. Key concepts in M &E
  3. Logic Model (Practical Approach)
  4. Designing Objectively Verifiable
  5. Indicators
  6. Data Management

Day 2

  1. M&E frameworks
  2. Theory of Change
  3. Formulation of goals and objectives
  4. Developing The M&E Plan
  5. Impact Harvesting and Reporting

Day 3

  1. Participatory M&E approaches
  2. Sustaining M &E Systems in the Organization
  3. Self-Assessment Quizzes
  4. Reviewing Participant. M&E Plans
  5. Resource Mobilization and Proposal writing

Award of Certificates

Post Training Topics Handled Online (One hour each week,for 3 months)

  1. Emerging Issues in M&E
  2. Earned Value Approach
  3. M&E Consulting
  4. Communicating M&E Results
  5. Use of Technology and AI in M&E
  6. M&E for Complex Interventions
  7. M&E in Conflict and Fragile Contexts
  8. Enhancing Program Effectiveness
  9. Data Visualization and Reporting, Communicating Impactful Findings
  10. Integrating Gender and Equity in Monitoring and Evaluation: Promoting Inclusivity and Social Justice
  11. Managing Stakeholder Engagement in Monitoring and Evaluation: Collaboration for Sustainable Results
  12. Ethical Considerations in Monitoring and Evaluation  Ensuring Accountability and Responsibility
  • Date: 30th May to 1st June 2024
  • Venue: Reedmat Lodge Hotel
  • Fee: USD 480, Incl of training, training materials, meals and certificates

The total fee for the course is USD 480. This includes:

  1. Training materials
  2. Access to E-Learning platform for 3 months
  3. Personalized guidance from our trainers
  4. Certificate

Vantage Africa is the Market Leader in Africa in Corporate Training on Monitoring and Evaluation.

Share some details regarding your organization and we will develop a comprehensive proposal for you.

After submitting, we will develop a comprehensive training proposal for your review. You can reach the CEO on +254725303645 or bkiarie@vantageafricaleaders.com

Explore Our E-Learning Platform

Welcome to our Vibrant, State-of-the-art E-learning platform. Here, you will find all the notes, class recordings, fundraising resources, proposal templates, discussion forums, quizzes and many other resources. Let’s go through it together

What is Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E)?

Monitoring and Evaluation training involves learning how to systematically track, assess, and improve the progress, effectiveness, and impact of projects or programs. Today, it is the MOST demanded skill among international NGOs

Why is Monitoring and Evaluation important?

Monitoring and Evaluation is important because it helps organizations track progress, assess effectiveness, and make data-driven decisions to improve outcomes and achieve impact. No wonder a myriad of organizations are seeking M&E Professionals

Who can benefit from taking the course?

Anyone involved in project management, development work, or program implementation can benefit from Monitoring and Evaluation training. If you want to start a career in M&E, or want to grow as a Project Manager, this is your course. it also prepares M&E consultants

What topics are covered?

Our training is the MOST comprehensive course in the market. We provide you with all the skills, knowledge, tools, templates and techniques to thrive in a vibrant M&E environment

What is the duration of the course?

We will first meet for 3 full days (8am to 5pm), face to face. After that, we will continue meeting for 3 months, for one hour each week (online)

What are the delivery methods available?

The training is fully PRACTICAL. M&E is a skill based course (as opposed to merely knowledge based). We help you be able to “do something” rather than simply “know something”

What is the Cost associated with the course?

The total cost of the course is USD 480, which can be paid in local currency. This caters for the training (both physical and online), training materials, meals, conference facilities at the hotel, certificates, E-learning platform access and Vantage Africa M&E Association Membership. In short, you will not be needed to pay any other fee.

Can I pay in Local Currency?

Absolutely. We have diverse methods to help you pay easily in your local currency

Can I pay in installments?

Yes you can. You can pay a minimum of 30% for registration, and then clear at the venue. Remember you will be required to clear fees on the morning of the training.

Can I refer a friend?

Yes you can. Refer as many people as possible for the training. There is a 10% commission (USD 48) for every client you refer. If you refer 5 and above, you do the training for FREE

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