Certified Monitoring and Evaluation Course

Certified Monitoring and Evaluation

“Practical course on how to measure success and report on projects results effectively”

Are you a development worker or a public sector manager looking for a practical course on how to measure success and report on project results effectively? Certified Monitoring and Evaluation Course is the most demanded skill by international NGOs today.
The ‘Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Certification’ training is a detailed course that covers the standards and procedures for results-based monitoring and evaluation for end-to-end project lifecycles.
In order to specialize in this profession that is on demand, this course provides you with all the technical skills and tools required to ensure effective monitoring of projects and programs, but also to manage the different evaluations that are part of the programming cycle. We adopt a highly practical and interactive approach, and by the time you will be completing the course, you will have developed an entire M&E system.

Who should attend this course?

Monitoring and evaluation specialists; project coordinators; program managers; independent evaluators; donor staff appraising and evaluating projects and programs; non-governmental organization officials involved in monitoring and evaluating. Anyone with a passion in M&E and those who want to launch a career in M&E

What will I achieve by taking this course?

Work with your peers to hone your skills, and put them to use right away

  • Engage stakeholders through managerial and soft skills.

  • Build an M&E plan.

  • Design empirical project evaluation.

  • Evaluate impact using quantitative and qualitative approaches.

  • Develop a communication plan to share results, recommendations, and emerging practice.

Your Certification

We are a NITA authorized training institution. Additionally, our trainers are seasoned trained with over 10 years’ experience and duly approved by NITA. Once you have completed this course you will be issued with a certificate which is a great way to share your achievements.

Duration and Venue

The  M&E course goes for 5 weeks and classes are held for one and half hours online through ZOOM for 3 days a week. We usually meet from Mon-Wed, from 8pm to 9.30pm EAT

Course Outline
  • Overview of Project Management

  • Theory of Change

  • M&E Demystified

  • Rationale for Monitoring
    and Evaluation

  • Key Concepts in M&E

  • Formulating Goals, Objectives and Objectively Verifiable Indicators- OVIs

  • M&E Frameworks and Practical Designing of a Logframe

  • Performance Monitoring and Evaluation Plans

  • Developing of a Performance Results Report

  • Data Management

  • Developing a comprehensive M&E Report

  • Participatory M&E Approaches

  • Sustaining M&E System in Organizations

  • M&E Consultancy and Careers in M&E

  • Emerging Issues in M&E

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