Microsoft Project Training

Microsoft Project Training

Become an Expert in Microsoft Project Today

Microsoft Project is one of the most popular program for those working in Project Management. The program is ideal for Project teams who are looking to plan their projects, monitor, control and coordinate.

Reasons to learn Microsoft Projects
  • World’s most popular project management software – globally utilized

  • Developed by Microsoft – a world class leader in software

  • Can be used within any organization, for any Project Management

  • Use Earned Value Analysis and other advanced features

  • Amalgamate Microsoft Project skills with other Office programs

Course Outline

The course will cover the following topics :

  • Introduction to PMIS

  • New tools of the latest edition of MS Project

  • How to explore the Microsoft Project environment

  • How to create and manage a project with Microsoft Project

  • How to display an existing project plan in different views

  • How to create realistic schedules quickly and easily

  • Creating your project plan

  • Incorporating Project Management methodologies with Microsoft Project

  • Assigning resources and levelling

  • How to effectively manage resources in a project plan

  • Scheduling tasks and milestones

  • Working with views and reports

  • Tracking progress and updating your project plan

  • Developing customized features and reports

  • Linking with Microsoft Excel

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