Knowledge management Certification course

Knowledge management Certification course

“This course is for anyone looking to gain an understanding of Knowledge Management and its practical application in an IT and Non-IT Environment”

Knowledge management is the process by which an enterprise gathers, organizes, shares and analyses its knowledge in a way that is easily accessible to employees. This knowledge includes technical resources, frequently asked questions, training documents and people skills. Knowledge management involves data mining and some method of operation to push information to users to make it easily accessible. A knowledge management plan involves a survey of corporate goals and a close examination of the tools both traditional and technical to address the needs of a company.

Who needs to take this course?
  • Staff being transferred for promotion.

  • Retiring staff.

Importance of this course
  • Faster decision-making

  • Efficient access to knowledge and information

  • Increased collaboration and idea generation

  • Enhanced communication throughout your organization

  • Improved quality of information and data

  • More security for intellectual property

  • Optimized training

Duration and Venue

This Knowledge management training goes for 4weeks. Classes are held for one and half hours online through ZOOM, for 3 days each week.

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