Strategic Leadership Development Program

Strategic Leadership Development Program

“This course train upcoming executives to become strong influencers who can make a greater impact on business success”

Most organizations and business ensure that senior roles are handled by professionals with the right set of skills and clear goals. Good leaders are indispensable resources for an organization, not only because they contribute to the firm’s growth but they also drive innovation.
The Strategic Leadership Development Program provides the opportunity and guidance so employees— especially those in leadership positions—develop the skills they need to manage their careers, lead others to success, and contribute great work to the organization.

Who is this course for? (Target Audience)

This course is ideal for anyone within the following areas of work:

  • Current managers who need to keep up in a fast-paced business environment

  • People recently promoted to management positions.

  • People with new leadership responsibilities, perhaps because of expansion, merger, or reorganization.

  • People facing new challenges managing staff, the pace of change, or technology.

  • Aspiring managers who demonstrate potential.

  • Young professionals in the early stages of their career – to gain a deeper understanding of a business, while developing their leadership skills, to be fast-tracked to a management role.

Importance of the course

The major advantages of Strategic Leadership Development Program is that it has a positive influence on the productivity of employees;

  • It can enhance employee engagement and help create leaders that can effectively lead teams

  • It creates a positive work culture, encouraging more employees to learn on the job and work towards acquiring leadership roles

  • They help create a positive image of the leadership, giving emerging leaders an example to live by

  • Effective leaders help businesses develop unique and efficient strategies that can drive organizations to new heights

Course Duration

Strategic Leadership and Development Program runs for a period of 6 weeks
3days a week from 8:00PM – 9:30PM EAT

Duration and Venue

Online via zoom E-learning platform where recorded videos and notes are uploaded

Course Outline

The program covers

  • Strategic Leadership Development Program

  • High Impact Leaders

  • Performance Management

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Powerful Communication

  • Strategy Problem identification

  • Strategy formulation

  • Strategy Execution

  • Change Management

  • Strategy and Structure

  • Risk Management

  • Strategic Influence

  • Developing a Strategic Plan

  • Strategy Monitoring and Control

  • How Culture, Structure and Systems Affect Strategic Leadership

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