Grace had always wanted to be in the Human Resources field. She had already completed her MBA in Human Resources, but having worked in administration for a long time, she did not know where to start in order to shift to HR. And even if she had handled many HR related responsibilities as an administrator, she did not know how to highlight them to impress potential employers. So she contacted Vantage Africa for assistance.

Program Offered

Our consultants had a conversation with her to determine her strengths especially in HR, and reviewed her education and experience. It turned out she was highly qualified to join the HR field, only that she did not know it.

The team at Vantage

• Overhauled her CV highlighting her strengths in HR,
• Helped her draft a professional cover letter,
• Redesigned her LinkedIn profile,
• Coached her on interview skills and
• Trained her on networking and job search skills.


At the end of this exercise, she felt so much more in control of her career and was bold enough to apply for high level HR jobs that she would not have dared apply for previously.
She is already attending interviews in HR, and she is continuously improving herself to ensure she accepts a position that is both fulfilling and rewarding.

Do you feel stuck in your career? Have you been applying for jobs without success? Take a different approach and let us help you with the process. This lifetime investment will accelerate your career and bring growth and satisfaction in your life.

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