As COVID-19 continues to affect day to day life in almost every country in the world, it has also had a huge impact on a wide range of industries from airline carriers to corner stores. Many economists are saying that economic depression seems almost inevitable at this point.

As many businesses are making difficult cost-cutting decisions, it is now more important than ever to become an irreplaceable asset at work. Demonstrating your worth as a valuable team member in all work environments may be the best way to ensure you still have a job if a recession does hit. Here are some ideas to help increase how indispensable you are in your role.

1. Always Look to Improve

When starting in a new position, people generally seem to learn what they need to do as fast as possible. As our knowledge, ability, and confidence all grow over time, at some point, most people start to believe that they know enough. They make an unconscious decision to stop learning anything new, and they become increasingly complacent. But it turns out that employees who never stop trying to improve are the hardest ones to replace. The best advice is to ensure that you are never too arrogant to ask anyone for help and to stay humble.

2. Develop Creativity and Don’t Be Afraid to Share

People often think that creative people are just born with it. In reality, creativity is just like any other skill. When you nurture it, you develop your creativity – but it does take a lot of practice over time. By learning how to understand other people’s ideas and creations, you are then able to create your own plans and build on them by making modifications and improvements as required. Significant achievements in every company always need a strong team effort. So be a team player and stand out from the crowd by always sharing your creative ideas.

3. Enjoy What You Do

Nobody wants to deal with someone who doesn’t enjoy what they do. That’s because everyone you come into contact with during work, from customers to employers, are all searching for the same thing… happiness. So, not only should you like what you do every day at work, but you should be content with the life your job provides you outside of work hours. Slowing the pace of your life gives you time to appreciate the little things. Putting aside a few hours can often help you be more productive than always going full speed ahead. Remind yourself why you work so hard each day by making time for you to breathe it all in and relax, or just have some fun.

4. Foster Essential Relationships

Strong interpersonal skills in the workplace are essential as they enable you to work well with everyone you come in contact with, from managers and co-workers to the all-important customers. Not only will developing strong work relationships help with your success in the workplace, but it also allows you to become the preferred point of contact to clients considered crucial to the company. By becoming a trusted advisor for your company’s biggest customer, you will become just as essential as the client.

5. Add Value to Every Transaction

You should ask yourself, every time you have completed a project, if you’ve done all that you can. Maybe there is extra that you could do to add value for the end-user, the company’s bottom line, or perhaps even something to make the job easier for co-workers. Always put the quality of your work first – above all else. This type of honest communication helps you to create a proactive work environment which ensures you have done everything to add as much value as possible to everyone involved.

6. Position Yourself at the Core of the Business

While many employers often say that anyone can be replaced, becoming indispensable means work colleagues and managers would never want to replace you. One of the most effective methods of securing this position is by becoming the most important cog within the core function of the company. Whether that means you have unique knowledge or skills that you have built up to be better than anyone else, you have an important role within the company that would be much harder to function without your input. Increase your job security by becoming someone who can always be counted on to get things done. Knowing that your position is necessary increases your happiness and work satisfaction.

7. Stay Current or Ahead of Trends and Technology

Businesses everywhere are going online and need help more than ever. From design services to marketing, try offering your services to help them out. While people are under quarantine, social media usage has exploded, so services such as social media marketing can help a business promote their products. Because industry trends and technology are almost always changing, if you want to continue being an invaluable company asset, you should keep up by continually learning any new skills that you can. This will allow you to become the first point of contact for fresh advancements, meaning your unique skills and knowledge are more valuable than anyone who isn’t up to date.




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