Jumuiya Women Fund on Project Management Training- Vantage Africa

We conducted specialized Project Management Training for the women of Jumuiya Women Fund, which included the participation of the Board of Members, Jumuiya Women Fund staff, and Implementing Partners. This comprehensive initiative aimed to empower participants with essential project management skills, ensuring effective planning, execution, and successful completion of their initiatives. Our dedication to delivering tailored and impactful training underscores our commitment to supporting organizations like Jumuiya Women Fund in achieving their project goals and fostering long-term success.

About Jumuiya Women Fund

Jumuiya Women Fund (JWF) transforms financing from diverse donors and investors into high-impact initiatives by women-led organizations, investing in their ideas and abilities to pursue interventions closely attuned to women and girls left furthest behind—97 per cent of its projects working with at least one category of vulnerable groups, and 70 per cent involving two or more vulnerable groups of women and girls. Since its creation in 2019, the Fund has strengthened the capacities of 11 organizations and delivered USD 60,000 in grants to 11 projects in Western Kenya. To maintain the highest standards of quality and impact, the Fund constantly learns from past experiences while looking ahead and exploring new ways of working. With select grantees, it is currently experimenting with alternative grant-making approaches involving upscaling and social innovation.


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